Yeah, okay… So, plans change…

When I last blogged here, I talked about how I wanted to cut back on my Livestreaming a bit (just a bit, mind you) over the next few weeks, so I could record some Special videos, which would go up while I take some time off in June and August (and maybe September). Well, I did just that over last weekend, and boy, did that not work out at all!

You see, Plan #1 was to record some myself playing some Retro games, which meant I had to get RetroArch all set up and configured to work with OBS, which I did. And all seemed to be going well, except for the problem where I couldn’t turn off the music in Mario Kart 64, and my sound mix was off while recording it, anyway, so forget that. Then I did some of “The 7th Saga”, a JRPG for the Super Nintendo, and it worked out great!… Except RetroArch ate my save files, so that ruined the two-parter I was planning!

Basically, RetroArch wasn’t cutting it, and the games I tried were either frustrating to record, or just didn’t work out to my satisfaction. So that’s when I moved on to Plan #2: Recording myself leveling a Captain in “Lord of the Rings Online” through the starter zone, then applying an Aria of the Valar to him, which would boost him to level 105 immediately! This worked out great, until I saw just how expensive an Aria of the Valar is. Couple that with just how boring Captains are, and that spelled Doom for the plan!

Now then, this had eaten up the better part of a day at this point, which meant I was not in the mood to attempt any more spiffy Plans. Instead, I gave it a bit of thought, and decided that the best Plan is to have No Plan at all! By which I mean, rather than post pre-recorded videos on those two Saturday mornings in June or that first weekend in August when I’ll be at various Renaissance Faires, I’ll just take those times off.

I look at it like this. My Saturday morning shows are a relatively new thing, and missing a couple of them in June and one in August won’t be a big deal. Now missing the entire weekend of shows that first weekend in August could be a bit of a problem, but wait – I’m off the entire week after that, so I’ll just toss in weekday shows the following Monday through Thursday (I’ll be at a wedding the second Friday in August), which will more than make up for missing that one weekend.

Anyway, not much else to say about this. Sure, if I can come up with some videos to post on those times, rather than let them go fallow, I will. But I’m not going to force the issue, either. that really doesn’t do anyone any good.

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