About Scormey

Hi, I’m Scormey. I’ve been blogging since before it was called blogging, making videos in video games since before Youtube existed (Google Video FTW!), and podcasting in video and audio formats for most of a decade.

I streamed on Twitch for quite some time, but stopped early in 2020, because it was too stressful. I also stopped making content on YouTube about the same time, but had enough content already done to get us through July 2020. Yay.

One of the main reasons I dropped doing video content, especially streaming, was I had heart surgery, and it was really stressful getting ready for that, then recovering from it. As I write this, I am still recovering, but feel well enough to try expanding my content again (see below).

Anyway, for now I’m just doing Blogging, and soon I’ll be returning to active podcasting. Sure, we’ve had “Knights of the Tabletop” running straight through my downtime for heart surgery, but those episodes were all prerecorded, obviously. What I mean is Beoulus and I will be returning soon to our weekly podcast, formerly known as “Pixels & Dice”, and I have another project coming soon on my own.

You can contact me on Twitter @Scormey, if you really must. I don’t bite… hard.

Update (Feb 11, 2021): As you might have already seen, we have three podcasts going weekly, as well as multiple blog posts. “Ronin Roleplaying” is my solo actual-play podcast, which replaced “Knights of the Tabletop” last November. “Loot Mechanics is the renamed “Pixels & Dice” podcast. Finally, we have “+1 Podcast of Slaying”, a roleplaying-focused show I do every Friday.

I have completely walked away from video projects, due to stress and policy changes at YouTube and Twitch that I cannot abide. Sorry about that, but it was necessary.

Anyway, things are looking pretty good here at Scormey.com. The podcasts just keep rolling along, which is great. In fact, we are almost a year ahead on shows pre-recorded for “Ronin Roleplaying”. Seriously. I was well over a year ahead on RR content, but decided to slow down some, to let the content catch up a bit. Regardless, no matter what happens, you will definitely have RR shows through January 2022 at the least.

Things are going pretty well with “Loot Mechanics”, as well. I’m looking into expanding the cast, actually, as more points of view is always better. If we could get Ryleia to come back, that would be ideal, but she has to work, so…

As for “+1 Podcast of Slaying”, I am continuing it as usual, but as with “Roleplay Domain” before it, I do find it hard to publish a podcast of this sort on a regular basis. The news regarding Roleplaying is rather sparce, so it becomes more opinion-based than news-focused, which frankly sucks. That said, I am stuill trying to keep it going, but if you don’t see it active anymore, you now know why.