About Scormey

Hi, I’m Scormey. I’ve been blogging since before it was called blogging, making videos in video games since before Youtube existed (Google Video FTW!), and podcasting in video and audio formats for most of a decade.

… And now I’m streaming on Twitch, because Youtube sucks, and there’s a lot less editing involved. Sure, I still do a weekly audio podcast (Pixels & Dice) with my brother, but otherwise I’m just doing streaming now. Which is fine, because when I was active on Youtube, for every hour of game footage I would record, I would spend about two hours editing and uploading it to YT.

Yes, if I had been smart, I would have spent 2016 and 2017 streaming on Twitch, as opposed to beating my head against the wall at Youtube, getting nowhere, but that ship has sailed. Anyway, that’s neither here nor there.

So here’s the thing: I’m a really old dude, who has been playing games of various sort (tabletop board games, roleplaying games, video games, even LARPing) since the mid-Seventies. Yes, the mythic “Beforetime”, when there were no Millenials, and Disco was still considered cool. I even remember Nixon, when he was still President! Seriously, I’m f**king OLD!

Nevertheless, this will not dissuade me from streaming my favorite games, mostly MMORPGs like “Lord of the Rings Online”, “Rift”, “Secret World Legends”, etc. I tend to play these games solo, but way back in the early days of WoW, I was a Main Healer, as well as the Shaman and Druid Officer in a Progression Raiding guild. So I can play well with others, but Raiding kinda broke my will to play MMOs for a while, so I tend to do stuff on my own now. When I’m not streaming, I’m playing 5th Edition “Dungeons & Dragons”, watching other streamers on Twitch (mostly LOTRO players), or suffering through my Real Life job.

You can contact me on Twitter @Scormey, if you really must. I don’t bite… hard.

Anyway… Hi!

P.S.: In case you were wondering, the FaceRig avatar I usually use, and which I had made into the cute cartoon avatar you see all over this site and my Twitch channel, is a Red Panda. Just saying.