Upcoming Events

  • Saturday Night Scormey! - 17/11/2018

      My plan is to be playing some “Lord of the Rings Online” every Saturday night! But in specific, I want to be working with my Hobbit Warden on the Landroval server during these sessions, so come hang out and witness my nigh-indestructible marauder! Streaming on Twitch, and I may also have the Discord channel on as well.

  • Pixels & Dice - Live recording session! - 18/11/2018

      Beoulus and I will be recording a few episodes of the “Pixels & Dice” podcast this Sunday morning! We plan to record episodes #95, 96, and 97 in a row, and you can listen in while we do it! This will be on our Discord server, in the Studio room (where everyone can listen in and type in text chat, but only the hosts and guests on the show may actually talk).

  • Weekend's End with Scormey - 18/11/2018

      It’s the end of another weekend, so let’s go out in a Legendary way! I’ll be playing “Lord of the Rings Online”, on one of the Legendary Progression servers. This could be as my Rune-Keeper on Anor, or my Captain on Ithil, depending on how I feel that evening. Join me on Twitch, and possibly also on the Discord server, as well!

  • Scormey Fails at Everything - 24/11/2018

      Playing whatever sounds like fun this Saturday morning! I try to use this Livestream to feature various games that either I enjoy playing, but don’t get much exposure, or games I don’t play and am just now trying out. Come witness the chaos on Twitch, and possibly on my Discord, as well!