So, hey! We have a podcast here now!

You see, I have been doing an audio podcast about all things Gaming, called “Pixels & Dice”, for over a year now. I had been hosting it over at my other gaming website,, but nobody goes there anymore, so…

Anyway, I decided it would be best to just consolidate my gaming content from Gaming Stuff over here, to keep it all in one place. Obviously my Blog has already moved over, but now the Podcast has followed suit! You can subscribe on iTunes, Google, Stitcher, et al by dropping by the Subscription page, which has all the necessary links. My brother Beoulus and I work very hard to provide a stupidly entertaining podcast for you every week, talking about everything from Retro games to tabletop board and roleplaying games to modern video games, to even LARPing. Hell, I think we did a show on Furries once, if I recall correctly!

The point is, subscribe to the damn podcast! And while you are at it, check out The Gaming and Entertainment Network, of which we are a part. This is a collection of podcasts, covering video games, movies, television, and whatnot. I have put a link in the Menu, for your convenience.

But enough about that. I have a laptop to rave about!

I know I’ve said it before, but this MSI gaming laptop I got is freaking amazing! Quiet, cool, but ridiculously robust, I’ve been streaming like crazy on it the last few weeks, and it hasn’t had a single issue. The laptop before this one, the one with the heat and then failing keyboard issues, it couldn’t hold a candle to this MSI! And yes, I’m still keeping relatively quiet about that other laptop’s company, as they are still processing the return, and I’d really like to remain on at least neutral terms with them at this point. They have had that laptop for almost a week now, though, and I’m starting to wonder if they will be processing it sometime this month…

No, I don’t have much faith or trust in their integrity at this point. Just saying.

But let’s keep things positive, eh? I’m positive about consolidating all of my gaming content over here, including my podcast, which we may or may not rebrand at some point. I’m positive the laptop I got from MSI is bloody amazing, and I love it ever so much! I’m also positive I want my refund on the old laptop processed soonish, since I need to pay down my credit card, and their delays are costing me money!

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