Slave to the Bells

Okay, looks like I’m going to be moving to a different Switch game soon. Animal Crossing has been fun, but unless you spend 12 hours a day playing it, you can’t get anywhere after a certain point. The costs in in-game currency is just too damn high.
For example: The first mortgage to buy a house is 98,000 Bells (their in-game currency). To add an additional room costs an additional 200,000 Bells. The price jump significantly for each addition. I’m currently paying off my 2nd additional room, which costs nearly 600,000 Bells, on top of all the previous costs. The 3rd room, which my Sweetie is buying for her own in-game home, costs nearly 800,000 Bells, and there are two more rooms to buy after that, to complete the home.
The last room for your house costs over 2,000,000 Bells alone. That is a massive grind, and really kills the fun of the game.
ACNH is generally an enjoyable game, but after a while, the fun bits get overshadowed by the constant need to earn Bells, through ravaging Mystery Islands for resources, chasing rare insects, fish, and shells to sell to the Nook Boys, and so forth.
My sweetie is spending time terraforming the island, making waterfalls and whatnot, and all I can do in the limited time I have to play is either log in and get daily credit for doing so, then logging out, or spending a couple of hours each morning chasing butterflies for cash.
I think I might just change to the daily log-ins, then playing something else in my limited free time during the week. I hate to say it, but ACNH just isn’t fun in the “endgame” phase.
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