Scheduling and other headaches

So I’ve had a weird weekend.

Normally I work Nights, and thus stay up all night on weekends, and this is when I do my Livestreaming (and video creation for YouTube, prior to my move to Twitch). This is what I have done literally for the last few years, with few exceptions. And this last week was no exception, other than I had to adjust my sleep schedule on the fly to attend Jury Duty the Friday before, then try to switch back to a Day Sleep schedule…

In short, I caught a few naps here or there over the weekend, and otherwise was simply up.

This made for some weird livestreams, as you might imagine. At several points, I damn near fell asleep at the keyboard, then would catch a ‘second wind’, and blow through another couple of hours of play, before getting tired again. And in between, the commentary from Everyone’s Favorite Scormey was this disjointed, convoluted mess of the highest degree.

It sucked.

So, what to do about this, then? Well, I think the answer is to “Do More Livestreams!”

No, I’m not insane. Seriously. Just hear me out on this…

What I have in mind is this: I’ll do some Livestreams when I get home every morning from work, starting at roughly 7:30 or 8am, and lasting for about an hour. The reason for this is simple: I have nothing else going on. My wife is usually still asleep, reading a book in the bedroom, or taking a bath when I get home, so usually I just veg out in front of the TV. That might be relaxing, but it is also unproductive time, which could be better used relaxing in “Lord of the Rings Online”.

Anyway, the plan is to knock out a short Livestream every morning, Tuesday through Friday, when I get home from work. I might do this on Saturday mornings, as well, but since I usually Stream off and on Saturday night through Monday morning, I’m thinking adding Saturday morning to that weekend juggernaut of streaming might be a bit too much!

This morning I’ll be starting up this new, experimental schedule. This is when I’ll play on my Hobbit Minstrel, Scormus, leveling him up through the week. And on weekends, I’ll jump on one of my many other characters, whatever sounds like fun. Maybe a Warden, or a Runekeeper, or a higher level Mini, even? And if/when LOTRO is down (because we know that happens), then we’ll do some WoW, or Wildstar, or whatever for that session.

The reason I want to do it this way is that I can use these weekday morning sessions as replays through the following week on this website, and the stuff I do on the weekends with other characters (and perhaps other games) can be replayed as needed. This means I’ll have a huge backlog of shows on Twitch for use as Reruns (because I’ll be needing that soon), and an even larger collection on YouTube for use here. My brother is going to start running a “Dungeons & Dragons” 5th edition game for us starting this weekend, but I need to have something up on Saturday evening and early Sunday morning, before I can get on the Livestream myself. And of course there’s the Renaissance faires I’ll be going to this summer, which will cause a need for Reruns all weekend long.

Anyway, so we’ll see if this is a good idea, or a ridiculously bad idea soon enough.

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