And so it begins…

Well, I heard back from my Cardiologist, and they cannot patch the hole in my heart (officially an Atrial Septal Defect) with the “Easy Way” outpatient patch procedure. It simply won’t work, due to the nature of the defect (it’s too ragged). So my Cardiologist moved on to the next step, which is consulting with the Surgical team. I have already made it clear to him that My Lovely Bride™ and I want the surgery, regardless of the risks.

It’s better than dying early, because we just ignored the problem.

I know I talked previously about what I’d like to do, regarding content on this website, once I go down for the surgery. That said, you may have already noticed a slight drop in content, as I’ve cut my number of videos going out on YouTube. Specifically, the “Scormey Rants” channel is down to one video a week, where I intend to keep it, until it goes on hiatus during the surgery and recovery phase.

Unless, of course, I’m able to pre-record a whole bunch of videos before then!

What I won’t be able to do, unfortunately, is pre-record a bunch of podcasts. So here’s what I’ve decided to do. Tomorrow’s episode of “Roleplay Domain”, #33 in specific, will be the last for that podcast. I’ve decided that I can cover that content just as well on the “Pixels & Dice” podcast, at least for now. It just means incorporating the “Featured Shows” from the end of RD into P&D, which is just fine. More content for P&D is always a good thing.

That means Beoulus and I can focus on trying to knock out some “Pixels & Dice” podcasts in advance, to cover my downtime, just like our gaming group has done with “Knights of the Tabletop”. Oh, that’s right, I haven’t mentioned that yet. We’re already recorded for KOTT through June! Yep, the entire first year of KOTT is “in the can” so to speak! Which, by the way, means the first campaign for the series has ended! Yes, I’ve finished my “Pugmire” adventures for now, and we plan to pick up something new in July.

What will we be playing in July? “Feng Shui 2″which will be our next campaign game. That’s the successor to my favorite RPG of all time, and I can’t wait to start running adventures with this new-yet-old system! Basically, FS2 is just a refinement of the original game, with some updates to the setting which are really interesting.

But that’s neither here nor there.

As for Twitch, it will also effectively “go dark”, just like the YT channels I run, until I’m healthy enough to at least talk, while Tenknife plays the game. Or I just talk with chat from my Transition screen, if she’s not able to play anything with us. Those streams won’t be very long, maybe an hour at most, I expect, but I’ll do what I can.

I know it may seem like I keep harping on my medical issues, but I want to keep people informed as to what is going on. Every time I fail to post something, I get hit up in my DMs (so to speak) with questions about what is going on, thus all the updates. Once I know more, I’ll post about it again, but believe me, I’d much rather be posting about Twitch, or games, or anything but my heart issues.

Basically, I want this over with as much as you do, if not more.

UPDATE: I’m having the CT scan of my heart and arterial system on March 10th, and am scheduled to meet with the surgeon on March 12th, unless he has to cancel due to an emergency surgery. If things go well, I might actually go for surgery by the end of March!

UPDATE, part deux: I’ve filled out the Advance Directives forms now, so they can be registered well before I end up under the knife. I will admit that I got a bit silly towards the end, especially when they started asking where I wanted to die, who I wanted to be present there, what I wanted for my funeral, etc.

  • There will be Pagan rites.
  • There will be Heavy Metal.
  • There will be Silly String.

No, I am not kidding… and My Lovely Bride™ is absolutely on-board for this. Especially since she gets to help pick the music being blasted during my wake. I wanted “No Hair Metal”, but she insisted that she gets to pick a few such bands, or she wouldn’t have any metal played at all.

The woman is a Tyrant!

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