Droning on, and on, and on…

I still haven’t been able to fly my Holy Stone HS120D drone aircraft. I sleep during the day all week, and all of our weekends have either been filled with poor weather, or we’re too busy with other things to do, or it has simply been too damn cold! Anyway, I’ve had this bad-boy for about a month now, and it still hasn’t left the ground yet!

With any luck, that will change quite soon, but then again, it very well might have to wait until Summer! Why? Because I’m going under the knife for heart surgery in the next month or so, which might cause a bit of a delay in any hobby plans, as you might expect.

At some point I expect I’ll be able to hobble my ass out while at home recovering, sit in a nice camp chair and fly the drone some… But then again, maybe not. We’ll just have to wait and see.

I will say that I look forward to trying the HS120D out, not to mention getting some video footage from it, because that should be entirely awesome. My Lovely Bride™ has been bugging me to get out there and use the damn thing, because she wants new videos made for her YouTube channel. My retort is simple:

“Use your phone (and the gimbal I bought you), and record footage of the dogs yourself”.

But that’s neither here nor there, actually. What matters is that I have this nifty-ass drone, and I have yet to fly it, because I apparently have the worst luck, and picked the absolute wrong time of year for its purchase!

Anyway, I just needed to vent some. Maybe I should go relieve some stress? Perhaps by flying my drone?

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