Phat Stacks

So, I have a problem… I keep buying tabletop roleplaying games. For the last year or so, I have been buying TTRPGs online, via backed projects on Kickstarter, and so forth, to the point where I eventually had two stacks of these games without shelves to put them on.

Those stacks were each over five feet high.

Now, here’s the thing: I already had a rather extensive collection of such games, gathered over 40+ years in the hobby. These books take up four shelves in my office, and I didn’t really have room for the new books I was accumulating. So I bought a new, three-shelf bookcase. I figured this should be close to sufficient to homing the books I had in those too tall stacks of games.

Well, I put that bookcase together recently, and set about putting those homeless games away. Most of them were able to fit, but not all. I still have a small stack of books that should be placed on the old shelves, as they are updates to earlier books in my collection (Feng Shui 2, Beyond the Supernatural 2e, all of my Pathfinder books, etc). Unfortunately, I just don’t have the room to make that work right now.

Now then, I do have a plan. The old bookcase technically has a 5th shelf, at the bottom, that I have always used for old computer books and such. I need to clean that shelf out, move some of the games I don’t plan to ever play again (anything in the “World of Darkness” collection, for example), and that will make for plenty of room to properly home these books, and then some! But I’m simply not up to it right now, considering all of the work it took to get this far.

Maybe next weekend? We’ll see about that.

All I know is that I feel a lot better about three things:

  1. Going into my office, because said office no longer threatens me with two stacks of games which are each just less than a foot shorter than I am.
  2. I DID A THING! First major home project I’ve actually done all by myself in over a year, due to all of my health issues.
  3. Technically, I now have shelf space for more TTRPGs…
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