On the bright side…

So, My Lovely Bride™ had to go to the ER the other night. She didn’t stay long, but it was fairly serious, and we are being very mindful of her health. She will be seeing a specialist soon, and hopefully they will help her resolve the underlying problems that may have caused her to end up in the ER in the first place.

That all said, I am trying to look at this all from a positive mindset. Ten is doing okay, able to move around do everyday stuff, she just needs to take it easy and avoid undue stress. So, we’ll be spending more time at home, as a result of all this. And while she’s resting, playing with the dogs, or otherwise enjoying herself, as long as she doesn’t need me for something, I’ll be Livestreaming!

My plan for the next few weekends, at the very least, is to play games that are ‘easily interruptible’, which is to say, something I can drop at a moment’s notice, if need be. I’m thinking a lot of single player games, especially turn-based games that aren’t going to be a problem to set aside, should I be needed elsewhere (if you catch my meaning).

But this also means I may have more time to be livestreaming. My current plan to to be on my secondary channel for my weekly video podcast, “Rantcast”, Saturday at 9am Pacific. After that, it’s all standard podcasting over on my main channel, on the following schedule:

  • Saturday at 11am
  • Saturday at 9pm
  • Sunday at 1am
  • Sunday at 5am
  • Sunday at 9pm
  • Monday at 1am
  • Monday at 5am

This is all assuming nothing more pressing arises. I would like to maintain this schedule through the remainder of June and all of July, before I have to take the first weekend in August off for a mini-vacation, and instead do a bunch of Livestreams on weekdays, the following Monday through Thursday.

But on a more important note, I’d really like it if y’all kept my sweetie Tenknife in your thoughts. Just saying.

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