Anyone interested in doing some Networking?

I don’t know if you noticed, but we’ve been producing three podcasts weekly over here at for some time now. In addition, I’m also doing weekly videos on YouTube, and have previously done a lot of streaming on Twitch.

In short, I’m a bit ‘out there’. Some might say a bit too much, but whatever…

The point being, we’ve got a lot of content going on weekly here on my website, but I feel like it isn’t doing anything. Screaming into the wind, as it were. That’s where you come in.

Yes, you, Mr. or Ms. (or whatever pronoun or honorific you prefer) Podcaster! I’m talking to YOU! If you are feeling a bit stuck in the mud, like your podcast just isn’t getting anywhere, no matter how hard you try, then maybe I have a proposition for you!

What if we started a Podcasting Network?

The idea is this: You would change nothing about your show, at least not where it comes to the feed, times, dates, etc. You worked hard for what you have made, let’s not change it now! What would change is on the back-end. I would create a separate feed, that would pick up yours, and simply add it into the new, Network feed. Basically, a feed that carries every member podcast show, all at once.

Now, how does this help you? Well, in two ways. First, if we can get enough interest to get this started, there would be a separate website for this podcast network (name to be determined), which will prominently feature every member podcast, as well as links back to their websites or primary feed source, whichever you prefer. Secondly would be in cross-advertising…

Here is where your show would change, actually. Each member podcast would create a thirty-second ad for their podcast, which then would be ran on a rotating basis, on each of the other podcasts. So if we had six podcasts (A through F), Podcast A might be running C’s ad one week, then D’s the next, then E’s, and so on. Obviously, they would skip themselves, when they came across their own show in the rotation. Each podcast would also toss up a brief ad for the podcast network every week, as well. This would be only a brief sting-length addition, though, nothing intrusive.

Now then, I’ve been in one of these podcast networks in the past, and they absolutely can work. The network feed isn’t important, other than as a way to get each other’s names out there, to bring attention to each other’s shows. What would ultimately matter is rising the tide for each other, supporting each other, and helping each other grow.

I would like to add, before anyone asks, there’s no money to be made here. The network will not be advertising on its website, won’t be securing advertising or sponsors for member shows, etc. It is simply a vehicle for helping smaller podcasts like ours have a larger, collective voice. If this is something you are interested in doing, or at least talking about, feel free to contact me over Discord (join our server, at the top of the webpage). Or you can DM me on Twitter, but I don’t check those very often, so it might take me a bit to get back to you that way.

Hope to hear from you soon!


I'm the editor, publisher, and primary "talent" here at

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