Welcome, GamingStuff Folk!

Okay, so there aren’t that many people coming to this site from my old, main webpage,, but what few ye may be, Welcome!

If you’ve followed my posts over there at all over the last few months, this was an inevitable change, as the gaming community site I was trying to build with GS just didn’t work out. So here we are, all gathered together on my personal site in support of the podcast “Pixels & Dice”, as well as my Livestreaming efforts on Twitch. Please note that your login to GS, if you had one, will not work here. This is a “Read Only” website, unless you are a member of the podcast crew, and none of them have requested access to post here, so… Of course, you can join the Discord (it’s a different server than we used for GS, so click the button on the right to get access), if you are so inclined.

Anyway, enjoy the site!

I'm the editor, publisher, and primary "talent" here at

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