Seriously, it’s not my fault!

So I spent some money today…

You see, while My Lovely Bride™ and I attended a great Renaissance faire the last two weekends, I was looking for some very specific things to buy, and alas, could not find them. These included some new boots (hopefully ones easier to put on!), a new shirt or two, and maybe something in a steampunk-style replica pistol.

The reasoning behind this was simple: My current boots are awesome, but difficult to put on. I have to have my sweetie lace them up for me, because I can’t reach that far down to do it myself. As for the shirt(s), I ruined my best white poet shirt a few years back, and my off-white one is too small now.

And the pistol? I’m gearing out a steampunk outfit, something in a mad scientist/adventurer look, and thus a toy pistol with an appropriate look would be a good purchase. Actually, I was going to buy a full-sized Nerf rifle, and paint it brown, bronze, and chrome, then attach copious amounts of gears and such, but that actually takes:

  • Work
  • Talent

Neither of which I possess. So, looking to buy one premade, and that generally means pistol.

Anyway, so since I was unable to find what I needed at the Faire… Correction: I found plenty of cool things, including some new SP goggles for my wool hat, just not what I needed… I ended up having to hit the Intarwebs for aid. And Lo, did the Amazon come forth with much speed, and fulfill my many needs!

First of all, check out this cool gun! It’ll be peacebound in a holster, so I don’t care about certain details like the orange tip. This is going to work great!

Now, when it comes to buying clothing over the internet, I’m usually a little skittish. But I decided to buy one shirt, and if it works out, I can go back and buy some more. Maybe I’ll be able to retire some of the ones that are a bit old and frayed in my collection? I certainly hope so.

Finally, I am very skittish about buying footwear on the Internet, especially when I have to depend upon them for hours upon hours on my feet at Faire. that said, these seem to be of a high quality, and if they suck, I can send them back.

So, that’s about it. I had to drag myself away from the Amazon, though, before I bought even more garb (SO MANY CHOICES!). You see, I only resort to the Intarwebs, if I can’t find something at Faire, first. And since I was only looking to buy shirts, boots, and toy pistols, that was all I allowed myself. Plus, the total was over $160, so…

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