Blame it on the Switch

So I didn’t do any Livestreaming last weekend. I took the weekend off, to simply relax and wind down, from a rather stressful week at work. Considering this will most likely remain a constant at work for the next few months, coupled with my health issues, I am setting aside my most intensive content creation, to at least some degree, for the foreseeable future.

What does that mean?

  • Limited, if any, livestreaming on Twitch.
  • No video content creation for YouTube.

That all said, I already have several months worth of work done for my two primary YouTube channels, through all of June, at least. This means my stepping aside primarily affects Twitch, which is unfortunate, but I frankly need the break. I still plan to livestream, when I am up to it, but not on the rigid schedule I was sticking to the last couple of years.

This pandemic has shown me that my priorities have been out of whack for a while now, and I really needed to adjust them. I have been too focused on banging my head against the wall with Twitch and YouTube, even though I have been getting nowhere with either platform. Instead, I should be just playing games to entertain myself, first and foremost, rather than using that game play as a vehicle for entertaining others.

Also, my laptop – the computer I use for both PC gaming and streaming – is having overheating issues, which I have yet to resolve. This has me concerned, and a little apprehensive to game on it until I either fix the problem or can afford a new PC. Since I can’t afford a the equipment to be able to stream from my Nintendo Switch, I’m a little stuck for the moment when it comes to Twitch and YouTube, aside from the previous concerns.

I have priced out some new laptops (I don’t have the space to set up a tower rig right now), but we need to pay off bills before I even think about buying a new computer. Anyway, that leaves me playing on our Switch, and little to no Livestreaming or making YT videos.

What can I do, though?

Well, we can continue recording our “Pixels & Dice” podcast, as well as we shall start recording the second season of the “Knights of the Tabletop” podcast soon! These take very limited computer resources, and while they each take some time to record, we are also usually getting several episodes of each done per session. When it comes to KOTT, we always do a month’s worth of shows per session, for example.

While we have always made the recording sessions of P&D available to all on our Discord server, we will also be doing the same with KOTT now! Everyone is welcome to come on down to the Discord server, and jump into the Studio audio channel, when we are recording these shows. Only cast members will be able to talk, but you can listen in, and comment in the Studio Audience text channel, as you wish.

Note: When it comes to KOTT, we will be spending most of our attention on the KOTT Cast private text channel, where we’ll be rolling dice with Dice Maiden, sending messages, etc. But I would like to have our cast jump into the Studio Audience chat during breaks, at least (roughly every half hour), to catch up on your comments.

Note the Second: Yes, I have considered livestreaming our “Knights of the Tabletop” recording sessions, but I am currently not going to do that. First of all, they would be audio only, and while I can put up graphics on the screen, it won’t be much fun to watch. None of my players want their faces shown, so that’s out. Secondly, I would be too busy running the game to communicate with people in Twitch Chat, which would be unfair to them. I feel it is better for folks who are interested in listening in to just join our Discord and take part there. But that said, this might change in the future, depending upon feedback and how things work out.

I also plan to blog, as usual, because it is one of the few bits of content I can create on my brief breaks at work. I can also toss together a post here or there at home, while My Lovely Brideâ„¢ is dominating the playtime on the Switch. She’s a bit of an Animal Crossing fanatic right now.

Lastly, I am hoping to work some more on that tabletop Roleplaying game I started a while back. It is actually a revision of a game I developed back in the mid-1990’s, attempting to bring it up to modern standards. That said, I may just scrap the system I was developing, and use something pre-made, such as 5e OGL, or perhaps Powered by the Apocalypse (since I enjoyed it so much when I ran “Monster of the Week”, which you can hear on this month’s “Knights of the Tabletop” podcast!).

Regardless, I have plans to keep myself busy, as well as entertained during these trying times, but I am also being careful not to overwhelm myself. I’ve been riding the ragged edge of overdoing it for quite some time now, and that’s why I’m pulling back now.

I do hope you all can understand.

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