Loot Mechanics Podcast

A Token Purchase – Loot Mechanics #352

Another money grab from Activision/Blizzard, and what happened to gaming forums? Intro (0:49) – What have we been playing? Main (4:27) – Blizzard moves the goalposts on using the WoW Token purchased with gold. Wrap (30:38) – What happened to gaming forums? “Alchemists Tower” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License […]


Ronin looking for a Home

As you may have noticed, I have transitioned our old, actual-play podcast (“Knights of the Tabletop”) into a solo actual-play podcast (“Ronin Roleplaying”). Furthermore, I have also pre-recorded a bunch of shows for RR, so that show isn’t going anywhere. That said, I am thinking about forming a group to play tabletop RPGs online. This […]


Blame it on the Switch

So I didn’t do any Livestreaming last weekend. I took the weekend off, to simply relax and wind down, from a rather stressful week at work. Considering this will most likely remain a constant at work for the next few months, coupled with my health issues, I am setting aside my most intensive content creation, […]


The Quarantine Sessions

How’s this for an idea: Maybe our actual-play Roleplaying podcast, “Knights of the Tabletop”, should record our games sessions over Discord, when we start recording Season 2 in the next month or so? Right now, we have been getting together at Beoulus’ house to record these sessions, and it has worked quite well thus far. […]


Spreading Discord!

So, let’s talk about our Discord server! I have just made some updates and revisions to Ye Olde Discord (see permanent invite link, above), which might hopefully entice more people to join and make use of it. There are new categories, new text and voice channels, all to make it more focused and usable overall. […]