Pixels & Dice Podcast

We Like To Watch – Pixels & Dice #74

Today we discuss how many people are watching other people playing games on YouTube and/or Twitch, be they video games, tabletop roleplaying games, and even board games! Beoulus and Scormus talk about the pros and cons of this practice, among other things. Theme Music – “Pinball Spring”, by Kevin MacLeod¬†(Incompetech.com),¬†licensed under the Creative Commons “Attribution […]


A Question of Duration

So I’ve been thinking about the livestream, and what I’d like to do with it in the future. I enjoy doing the three-session format each weekend, as it allows me time to relax and actually play some games without livestreaming, which is nice. But at the same time, I find myself stretching those three sessions […]


Weekend update!

Hey folks! Just wanted to drop a quick blog post, to let you know that things are going to be slightly different around the Twitch stream this weekend, and this website next week. Specifically, I usually do a stream session (or two) between 9pm and midnight Pacific time on Saturday… and that won’t be happening […]



So, for the last few years, up until February of this year, I worked my ass off making video content for YouTube. I tried short (~15 minutes long) videos, and I tried longer ones (~1 hour long each), with no success at all. Most of my videos got only a handful of views each, and […]