So, for the last few years, up until February of this year, I worked my ass off making video content for YouTube. I tried short (~15 minutes long) videos, and I tried longer ones (~1 hour long each), with no success at all. Most of my videos got only a handful of views each, and those few that got more only got a few hundred views for the most part. And YouTube basically drove me off of their service by refusing to live up to their own Monetization rules, and continually pushing back the goalposts for small creators, making it impossible to earn any ad revenue off of our work.

So I’ve been on Twitch since the end of January, basically six weeks now. I was immediately able to set up my own Tip Jar (using PaPal), something YouTube limits to only their top 5% of Creators. And as of this morning, I made Affiliate, which allows direct tipping through Twitch via Bits, not to mention access to their own Patreon-like Subscription system. In short, I may not make a fortune off of my streaming, but at least I can make something for my time. Which is pretty nice.

So basically, it came down to this: My content was never the problem. YouTube was the problem. Twitch fits my style much better, because I can just jump in and play a game, for as long as I like. People come and go from the stream as they like, I don’t need 4000 hours watched in the last year, let alone a thousand Followers to make any money off of my content. Just 50 Followers, an average of 3 viewers for the last 30 days, and stream 7 out of the last 30 days. That’s it.

So anyway, that’s it. But now I have to go figure out what is wrong with my laptop keyboard. R, Y, K, 0, and a few other keys only work when they want to. Sometimes on the first try, more often after multiple attempts. It is frustrating as Hell!

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