Weekend update!

Hey folks! Just wanted to drop a quick blog post, to let you know that things are going to be slightly different around the Twitch stream this weekend, and this website next week. Specifically, I usually do a stream session (or two) between 9pm and midnight Pacific time on Saturday… and that won’t be happening this week.

Why? Well, in the past I’ve missed this timeslot because I was playing 5th Edition D&D at my brother’s place, but this week my wife and I, along with my brother, will be trekking up North to see some friends and play metric buttloads of board and card games for International Tabletop Day. Yes, I should probably go to a local game store to celebrate this most unique of holidays, but instead we decided to just have fun with friends. We will still be playing tons of games Saturday evening, which is the point of International Tabletop Day, after all.

Anyway, this means I won’t be doing anything (aside from the usual Saturday morning stream) until early Sunday morning, maybe 2 to 3am Pacific time. I’ll likely be home well before then – as we are old fogies, after all – but since I can’t guarantee when I’ll be on at this point, better to be safe than sorry.

In other news, the replays for this weekend’s livestreams won’t show up on the website until the second week of May, basically a week later than normal. Why? Because I have recorded a bunch of “Derping about in…” livestreams over the last couple of months, and I decided to post them to the website, rather than waiting for a rainy day to break them out (as was the original plan).

You see, this all comes back to the Renaissance Faires I’ll be attending this summer, and the missed streams I’ll have those weekends. The original plan was to record some VODCasts for those missed streams, but I decided against that last week, in favor of just replaying some livestreams, instead. And that got me thinking about those “Derping” streams, which don’t really fit into the regular rotation of replays I put on this website.

So I decided I would just post everything I record on a given weekend the following week, regardless of the content series it belonged to. But this meant I would need to post all of those oddball recordings first, so they didn’t go to waste (as there’s a lot of good content in them). So, the older streams go up this coming week, then this weekend’s shows and next weekend’s shows will be posted the second week of May, as one big extravaganza!

Basically, I’m saying that there will be a whole bunch of livestream replays posted to this website the next couple of weeks! There are eight replays coming up next week, and I expect there will be six to fourteen (I’ve been known to do upways of seven livestreams a weekend) replays the following week. Yes, this means multiple replays per day, just keep an eye on the website, my Facebook page, or my Twitter, to see when they go up!

Now then, once we get through then next couple of weeks, the replays will be a little more… steady, not to mention reliable. I do no less than 3 livestreams a weekend, which means not less than three replays a week will show up on this site the following week. But I can reliably put out five livestreams a weekend, so I expect that I’ll have something every weekday, so worry not about that! The only time this might be an issue is the first weekend in August, when I won’t be streaming all weekend. But I will be streaming the following week, so there will be replays then, too. The times might be different, but there will be replays!

Not that anyone really watches my livestream replays here, but they are steady content for the website, and a record of what I’m doing on Twitch, so I think it is important to keep them coming on a regular basis.

Anyway, have a great International Tabletop Day, and I’ll see you this weekend on Twitch!

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