PC Gamer No More

I am out of the game.

Over the last few years, the specs – and costs thereof – have skyrocketed for computer parts, which has led to my refraining from upgrading, or building a new gaming rig. It is outright ridiculous. Once upon a time, I could build a solid gaming computer for under $1500, and now that’s what a good video card on its own costs!

This is stupid, and after some consideration, I see no reason to continue to run that rat-race anymore.

Now this means I may miss out on some games I have been looking forward to (Starfield), but I’m hoping to have an X-Box Series X by then, so… My point is, PC gaming is just too damn expensive now. Right when the current series of components starts to become affordable, a new, upgraded series of those components comes out. Suddenly, you are left with gear that is outdated the moment you get your rig running, and it sucks!

… or, you can just buy a console, and upgrade that every few years for half the cost (or less) of building a new PC.

So here’s what I plan on doing. I am sticking with my laptops for now. I was going to buy a bitchin’ new gaming laptop next Spring, when I get my next bonus, but why? I do all of my gaming on my Switch now, and will be adding an X-Box into that mix in time, so why bother with a new gaming PC (laptop or otherwise)?

Instead, I will just keep on using my current PCs for podcasting, blogging, and so forth, and do my gaming on my consoles. That seems like the best solution, both for my wallet and my current lifestyle. Now, when it comes to future PCs in my household, I am thinking more towards Chromebooks and small form-factor computers. The Chromebooks will eventually replace our current laptops, and I would like to get mini PC to be my future podcasting rig, at some point.

Just not now, because our current laptops are Just Fine™.

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