I hate to admit it, but…

I miss Blizzard.

Okay, okay… I know I get nostalgic for “World of Warcraft” every six months or so, and every couple of years I break down and re-install the game for a while. But this time, it’s different.

No, really, it is.

You see, I do miss playing WoW, but I also miss “Diablo III”, and would really love to be able to justify picking up the remaster of “Diablo II”. But more than anything, I miss being able to trust Blizzard to always do right by their fans. I miss Blizzard being the one gaming company that you knew would take the time to put out a quality product, even if it meant taking as much time as was needed to make it work.

That was a long time ago, though.

What has me hoping for a change at Activision/Blizzard though, is the forthcoming buyout by Microsoft. While I know that MS isn’t exactly a shining example of Customer Service themselves, they are infinitely better than Blizzard has been the last decade or so, and that alone gives me some hope.

Not much, mind you, but a little anyway.

My hope is that I can someday justify buying the remastered “Diablo II”, to myself, if nothing else. I really loved “Diablo II”, when it came out all those years ago.

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