Beat the Devil

So, I just bought an XBox Series X gaming console. This is the first XBox I have ever owned, previously being a Playstation then Nintendo fan, and the first “Current Generation” console I have had since the Playstation 2. Basically, I left consoles behind for a couple of decades, in favor of PC gaming, before […]


PC Gamer No More

I am out of the game. Over the last few years, the specs – and costs thereof – have skyrocketed for computer parts, which has led to my refraining from upgrading, or building a new gaming rig. It is outright ridiculous. Once upon a time, I could build a solid gaming computer for under $1500, […]


Filthy Casual

I miss playing MMORPGs. At the same time, I hate the idea of playing any MMORPGs ever again. I miss playing games on my PC. At the same time, I much prefer playing games on my Nintendo Switch, or retro games on my Raspberry Pi 4b. Yes, I know this all makes me into a […]


A nice, crispy salad

So I’m here at work, eating my lunch (a chicken strip salad, if you must know), and contemplating my future with gaming. Not that you really needed to know that, but I thought I would share. Anyway, regarding that salad… 1 Half bag of chopped lettuce 1 medium Tomato, diced 1 Chicken strip, cooked Cook […]

Loot Mechanics Podcast

Aging Out

Episode #39 – How will the video game industry change as older gamers leave the hobby? Also, how will home 3D printers affect the TTRPG miniatures market? Intro (0:50) – Our week, in brief. Main Topic (3:36) – While PC and Console Gaming remain strong, Mobile clearly dominates the industry. With many gamers getting older, […]

Pixels & Dice Podcast

Race Traitor – Pixels & Dice #174

As a long-time member of the “PC Master Race”, I (Scormey) have always scoffed at those Console Peasants… until now, anyway. Music from “Pixelland” by Kevin MacLeod ( License: CC BY ( See more trash like this at Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Amazon Music | […]