Have Yourself A Merry Little Gamermas

First of all, Happy Holidays!

I won’t keep you long from your rabid gankfests, or endless holiday grinding, but figured now might be a good time to drop some holiday greetings on all of you. Especially those of you stuck in queues, or waiting for patches to install that are going to break more than they actually fix.

Why, yes. I was (until recently) playing “New World”. How did you know?

Anyway, that’s all neither here nor there. Now is not the time for bitching about our particular games of choice, or former games of choice, if you will. Now is a time for joy, happiness, and spending time with our friends and family… whether we want to or not. My new toon isn’t going to grind to Endgame all by itself, you know!

Unless you know who to pay, or which program to employ, that is. But seriously, don’t do that! Just do what the rest of us do, when faced with this particular dilemma: Fake a headache, and go back to your room to play in peace!

Trust me, Grandma will understand.

Now then, go have some hot cocoa or cider, hugs your loved ones, and have a great holiday season… even if all of that is only done virtually, in your game of choice. Try to remember the Reason For The Season, wish peace upon your fellow man, and maybe take a day off from teabagging noobs?

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