At least this will give me more to talk about… in theory…

So, I’m “taking a break” from my solo actual-play podcast, “Ronin Roleplaying”.

This isn’t really a big deal, since as of now, I’m just over 18 months ahead on that show. Yes, I have all of the episodes done through 2022. Seriously.

Look, I’ve been doing a lot of solo roleplaying, okay?

Anyway, I realize that this has gotten a wee bit out of hand. What is more out of hand is my scheduling, which at one point I had RR programmed out through 2030… on a monthly schedule…

  • Yes, I have that many tabletop roleplaying games.
  • Yes, I have been just that bored.

But something occurred to me recently, that I really hadn’t thought about, since I started all of this solo roleplaying last Autumn: I can do other things on my weekends. For one, I can play more video games. I could do some occasional livestreaming (not likely, but I could do it). I could exercise more, and actually try to lose weight.

Okay, but seriously, I’m going to play more video games.

I have noticed that, while “Ronin Roleplaying” has been on a bit of an upswing in listeners, which I sincerely appreciate, the quality of “Loot Mechanics” has been dropping. Both Beoulus and I are in a bit of a rut, and the best way to break out of that is to play more games, so we have more to talk about on each show.

So that’s what I’m going to do.

As for RR, it isn’t going anywhere. Like I said before, the show is pre-programmed until the end of next year, so there is plenty to enjoy on that podcast for quite some time to come. Meanwhile, I will take a bit of a break, refresh my batteries some (likely with a vast amount of MMORPG playing), then come back to the show with a fresh perspective later on.

Here’s the thing, though: I have no idea what RR will look like, starting in 2023. I have developed a few different programming models for the show, and have picked what games I’d like to play for seasons 3-5 (or in one model, just season 3… but it’s a weird model), but that could change. Hell, the whole format for the game might change, before Season 3 starts up.

What I will guarantee you is that, whatever form my actual-play podcast takes in the future, I plan to continue it beyond Season 2 (which is as far as I’ve recorded to date). The only thing that might change that would be my untimely demise, but that’s getting pretty dark, and we won’t go there, okay?

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to jumping back into some of my favorite old MMORPGs, and even some single-player games, on my PC and Nintendo Switch. “Secret World Legends”, “Rift”, “Guild Wars 2”, and a whole slew of games on my Switch need played!

My hope is that, after some time away from the books, dice, and microphone, I will be able to jump back into RR with a renewed sense of vigor, and not feel like I’m burying myself under a massive backlog of shows. Plus, the time away will allow me to maybe read up on some of the TTRPGs I plan on playing, before I actually crack them open for a solo session!

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