So… About the Discord…

As many of you might know, I have a Discord server set up for fans of the Livestream, as well as for our Podcast. The original intent was to be on the Discord server while I Livestream, so that certain viewers (meaning no Trolls) and friends could jump in and join the discussion. When used for the Podcast, where Beoulus and I record our show, others can join the room with us and listen in live (but not talk, unless they are official guests).

Well, while these are good ideas, they haven’t exactly worked out as planned.

First of all, no one has shown any interest thus far in being on the livestream, and there has been only limited interest in being on the podcast, let alone just listening in while we record. So, it makes me wonder if keeping a publicly-accessible Discord server is worth it?

Well, it’s free, so of course it is worth it! But is it really worth logging into while I am livestreaming? Considering anyone watching the livestream already has the audio feed, so there’s no point to be talking to both Twitch and Discord at the same time, unless of course someone wanted to join me on the livestream. This would not include My Lovely Bride™ Tenknife, as we have another way of bringing her audio into the feed…

Anyway, I may just not log into Discord during livestreams anymore, unless we get a guest from outside our home who wants to talk, at least for now. As the channel continues to grow, perhaps interest will increase, and I’ll reassess the situation at that point.

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