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I don’t have Netflix anymore. My Lovely Bride™ and I simply weren’t watching anything on it anymore, so we cancelled our service about a year ago. Sure, it didn’t cost much to keep the subscription up, and we certainly can afford it, but why waste the money?

Then came the pandemic.

Then came the Shelter In Place orders.

Then came “Tiger King”, whatever that is.

Suddenly, Twitter and Facebook are literally awash in memes involving some rednecks with tigers, and an alleged bitch? Now I know everyone is a little stir crazy right now, but, seriously… What the absolute fuck?

Apparently there’s some documentary on Netflix that everyone and their dog has watched, and it is dominating meme culture right now. I keep hearing how engrossing this show is, and that I really need to watch it, but I just have to say… No, I really don’t. Nope. Thank you kindly, but I’ll happily avoid that particular trainwreck, if you don’t mind.

I am perfectly happy being blissfully ignorant of this show, who the particular people involved are, and what their particular antics have been. I understand (again) that someone is a purported bitch, as I see this mentioned all the freaking time online. I also understand that tigers are involved, and someone is in jail, maybe?


I have already wasted enough brain cells just considering this program long enough to write this blog post. I get it. “Tiger King” is a big hit, and that’s just fine.

I don’t care. I’ll happily stay engrossed in memes and jokes regarding things that actually matter.

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