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This is not Scormey. This is a pre-recorded message. Scormey is spending this week off, taking His Lovely Bride™ and their dogs on various adventures, in an effort to avoid the dreaded “Fireworks”.

Tenknife really hates fireworks. Their dogs are terrified by that crap. Maybe someday these demon-spawned trash will be forever banned and relegated to the ashbin of History, but until that day… Roadtrips will be had.

Scormey and Family will be seeing the mountains. They will be driving down to the ocean. Many great adventures will be had, and – best of all – Ten and the pups will be all the happier for it!

So what you are reading here, this was written almost a month in advance. The podcasts were also recorded well in advance of this week. Because Scormey isn’t here to take care of these things. Scormey is off doing Family Things™, like picnics on the beach, seeing majestic mountain vistas, and hiking on forest trails.


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