Looking to the Holidays and beyond

I know, I know…. It’s a little early in the month for a “End of year” post on a blog, but hear me out: This is the right time, when it comes to this site, anyway. I’ll explain shortly.

Anyway, let’s get the first bit out of the way: “Happy Holidays!”

(Please read that as “Merry Christmas”, “Blessed Yule”, “Happy Hanukkah”, and so forth, whatever applies to your belief system, since I can’t possibly know what you may prefer. So please don’t get your panties in a bunch when I go with “Happy Holidays” throughout this post, because frankly, it isn’t all about you)

Now then, while you enjoy your holiday season with family and friends, and hopefully lots of gaming fun throughout, I sit here, toiling away with providing you podcasts and blog posts three times a week, right? No, of course not! I’m writing this particular post in late October, the actual-play podcast will been done through 2023 in November (I know, right?!), and Beoulus and I are recording the last of this year’s “Loot Mechanic” shows on December 11th (although we will be coming back on January 1st to start recording shows for 2023).

I fully plan to be spending the vast majority of the holiday season relaxing, and not worrying about making content for the site unless I feel like it (ominous noises). This is what I try to do every year, but it always goes awry in one way or another at some point. Case in point: When I scrapped the entirely of shows I had for Season 2 of “Ronin Roleplaying” with only a couple of month’s notice, and started making new shows, which is what you have been hearing here all this year long. At some point I may eventually edit together the scrapped shows and release them as a side project, but we’ll have to see about that.

ANYWAY!… The point is, my plan – as it is every year – is to kick back and not think too much about, unless something comes up that I really need to address, in which case I can write bonus blog posts, right? Yeah, it almost never works out that way, and this year I have even more reason to let those plans evaporate into the ether.

As you likely know, I remodeled my office and podcast studio earlier this year. It looks great, and is incredibly comfortable to work in now, which is really nice. So here’s my problem: Just like last year, when I got restless with all of that extra free time I had during the holiday break, and started re-recording an entire season of a podcast, I expect the temptation to do something “more” will be even stronger this year, with that really awesome studio I have now.

So, what do I do? Well, I’ll tell you… If (okay, when) I get bored this Autumn and early Winter, I have made plans to start recording the 4th season of the solo actual-play podcast. As I already said, next year’s shows (Season 3) are already “in the can” as they say, and ready to publish. It is entirely possible that – should I grow bored enough – that I will have Season 4 done about the same time you are reading this blog post (seriously!), and be ready to start digging into Season 5 early next year, when the Winter Boredom really starts to kick in!

Now then, some of the more astute among you may have noticed that I have been rather vague about the solo actual-play podcast beyond Season 2 (2022). If you are subscribed to that particular show, there will be a bonus episode that discusses this on January 1st, so look out for that. It will look a bit different (I like to change things up at the start of each year, you know), so don’t be surprised…

Anyway (yes, I love that word). I was thinking of starting a new project during this “down time”, which would be taking the place of this blog, starting in 2023. But plans for that have – at this time, anyway – fallen through, so I have another idea for this blog. You see, it might be rather obvious, but I am having more and more issues finding things to talk about weekly. Thus the monthly “5 Things” posts I’ve been doing most of this year. While I like doing that series, I have another idea that I’m thinking of doing (read: if it happens, I’m already well into 2023 for those posts, by the time you read this). If I do indeed start doing that series every Wednesday, normal blog posts will continue, but only when I really have something to say or comment upon. Monthly “5 Things” posts may continue as well, but I’m not set upon that yet.

Now then, some things I don’t plan on changing for 2023. For example: “Loot Mechanics” is rolling along just fine, so I see no reason to switch things up therein. I may also stop posting to Twitter about the content on this website, since it really isn’t bringing in any readers and/or listeners, overall. Instead, I may just focus more on developing better SEO on the website and my posts, allowing people who might be interested in reading or hearing my content to find it easier on the internet.

Or not, I don’t know.

Anyway (for the last time), Happy Holidays, everyone. Enjoy the last few posts I have for you this year, and see y’all in 2023!

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