So Much For That Idea

So, I have been trying to Livestream during weekday mornings, starting this week. Unfortunately, it really isn’t working out. Sure, I’ve had some folk drop by to watch me playing “Grim Dawn” the last few days, but most have been members of the Red Panda Brigade who are regulars on my weekend night shows. A few others have come in the last few days, which was nice, but that’s all.

Meanwhile, I have been getting little sleep due to this scheduling change, and this is affecting my Day Job for the worse, which I can’t have. These morning streams have also made it difficult to do my daily violin practice, which helps me relax after work.

In short, this was a Really Bad Idea™.

So, what do?

Well, I do enjoy playing “Grim Dawn”, and will be carrying that over to my weekend night streams, until I finish the game. Then I plan to choose another game, and give that a whirl until I complete it, and so forth. Or I’ll play other games, such as my MMORPGs, as I see fit.

Regardless, I’m going back to weekend nights.

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