So, about the schedule…

Basically, it’s like this, folks: I work nights during the week, so I tend to stream on a Night schedule. This means when I get home in the morning during the week, I can do a short stream (~1 hour a day) Tuesday through Friday, but I have more time on weekends and Monday mornings. I can do a short stream (again, ~1 hour) on Saturday morning, then a longer one on Saturday evening. Sundays are ALL THE STREAMING, where I can do streams early mornings and mornings prior to 9am Pacific, then again Sunday evening. Finally, I can stream on Monday early mornings and mornings. All of this assumes I don’t have a Meeting or other needs IRL that keep me offline.

The reason I posted this is because I tried to keep a regular schedule at specific times, but that just isn’t going to work, especially now that I’m going to try weekday streams. My plan is to record roughly one hour long bursts during the weekend, building up many, many pre-recorded shows. the idea then would be to run re-runs throughout the day every day, when I’m not actively streaming. I have Twitch Prime, so I can build up a rather large stock of such shows, even if they only remain available for 60 days on that service. Of course I’ll also be sending them to YouTube for permanent hosting, and those are used here for our “Past Shows” section, otherwise they are Unlisted on YouTube. Which yes, means no one on that service can watch them unless they get the direct link to said videos. Hey, if YouTube is willing to take my content without paying me for using it, then they can host it for me at no cost, while not having it publicly available to their viewers. Seems only fair.

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