A Friendly Reminder

There will not be any Livestreams on Twitch this weekend. Tenknife and I are going on a mini-vacation, taking the weekend off to attend Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire, for the first time in several years! It should be a great time, we are very much looking forward to escaping town for a while, and relaxing in a very nice hotel with a Jacuzzi tub!

That all said, you won’t really be missing any shows! I will be off all of next week, so I plan on Livestreaming every single day, Monday through Thursday, then getting back to our regular weekend schedule next Saturday! I won’t be available on Friday because ten and I will be attending a friend’s wedding that day, although if we get home early enough, I might jump on Twitch that night… No promises, though!

Anyway, have a great weekend, and I’ll see you Monday!

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