Thank you, Ninja!

So, as I’m sure you are all aware by now, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has decided to take his talents from Twitch, over to Mixer, the upstart streaming service from Microsoft. Ninja was one of the biggest personalities on Twitch, earning a rather large amount of money over the last few years for Twitch, as he rode the popularity of “Fortnite” to massive wealth for himself. But now, he’s been paid (I’m quite sure) a rather ungodly huge amount of money by Microsoft to stream exclusively on their service.

To this I have but one thing to say: Good riddance. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass, on your way out!

Seriously, am I the only person who has gotten sick to death of Ninja? He has had a bad attitude about streaming on Twitch, complaining when his subscriber numbers drop, or he throws a tantrum when he’d lose a tournament to a better player, etc. Recently, there was a huge “Fortnite” competition, and a 16 year old guy won the top prize. When I heard that news, I looked over to My Lovely Bride™ and said “I wonder how pissed Ninja is about that?”.

The answer was Ninja quitting Twitch less than a week later.

Now I don’t begrudge Ninja taking Microsoft’s money and leaving Twitch, not at all. If I were offered even a fraction of the reportedly $50 million that Blevins is being paid by Mixer, I’d have done the same thing. Who wouldn’t? I wish him and his family well on this new service, as well as all of his fans that will follow him there.

That said, twitch is much better off without Ninja. No, really! While they may bring in less money with him gone, at least in the short term, the Twitch community doesn’t have to live with Ninja anymore, making all other streamers look bad. That’s right, his antics and poor sportsmanship made all of the rest of us look like entitled whiners! But in actuality, most of us just enjoy playing games, and don’t have bad attitudes at all. But when Ninja was the “Big Name” on Twitch, he was what many people outside of the Twitch community thought of, when they thought about our community.

It will still take some time to clear the air of Ninja’s cologne (so to speak), but in time, we will no longer be associated with his particular… attitude… and I’m fine with that. He’s Microsoft’s problem now, and they are getting Ninja during his fading years as a competitive gamer. I’m not saying he’s going to ever really suck at games, but he’s already showing some lessened skills this year, and will most likely have left his best days behind.

You know, when he was on Twitch?

Bye, Tyler.

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