So what if FaceRig fails?

As you may already know, I had some… issues… when it came to livestreaming “Lord of the Rings Online” last weekend. Part of that it appears had to do with LOTRO itself, but part of it may well be attributed to FaceRig, the software I use to mimic myself as an animated character while on stream. I’m not sure FaceRig is part of the problem, but if it turns out to be part of the problem, how should I move forward?

You see, I won’t be abandoning FaceRig, even if it won’t play nice with LOTRO since the latest patch. Why? Because it works fine with every other game I play, and as such, why would I drop such a useful tool because of a single game? But since I don’t want to drop LOTRO (unless it crashes even without FaceRig being used), I may well need to come up with a solution to replace FaceRig when I’m streaming LOTRO.

But what exactly should I do? My first thought would be to post a static picture of my character in FaceRig (changing it every now and again), but what about an ad for the channel? For that matter, why not an image that states my character’s class, race, and server? Or a looping video that does all of the above, such as my FaceRig character image as part of ad for channel, followed by relevant info, such as server and class?

In the end, I’m sure I can come up with something that will work in place of FaceRig, should I need to stop using it during LOTRO streams. The problem is, I don’t want to do this, because I’d much prefer to just use FaceRig as I have been. But I could still make a short introductory ad video (as described, above), and play it once over the Chat display (lower right corner of the screen), to show my character’s relevant information.

But then we’d just be getting way too convoluted, especially considering that most people wouldn’t see this ad if it only played once, at the start of the stream. A better solution would be to set up a script in Nightbot, that would output my character’s name, class, race, and server to Chat, when someone types in a special chat command. In fact, I think I’ll be doing that, as that would be rather awesome!

Anyway, if you have any ideas or thoughts on the FaceRing/LOTRO issue, feel free to leave me a comment, below.

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