So, I’m thinking about Livestreaming again…

After well over a year away from livestreaming on Twitch, I have been thinking about coming back, if only on a limited basis. So, what got me thinking this way?

First of all, I just rebuilt my laptop, and it is running a whole lot better than it has been since I first bought it in 2018. Also, now that I have a bunch more room for games, software, and video, it feels like I am better prepared than ever to give Twitch another try.

Since I now have so many games on my laptop, that invites the question “Why don’t I play them on my weekends”? Further, if I will be playing video games on my laptop, why don’t I just stream myself doing so, like I used to? Both of these are good questions, especially the latter one. I really enjoy playing games on my Switch, as well as on the laptop, but tend to get a bit lonely when I do so. This is one of the main reasons I started out livestreaming, in the first place.

Next, I’ve been bouncing around on Twitch some of late, and it really has been feeling like my old home. The nostalgia for those weekend nights, chatting with folk and playing fun games, really has been getting to me lately! Part of that is because I am old, but also because, frankly, I miss my peoples! Sure, I see some of them on Twitter, or my Discord server, and so forth, but it just isn’t the same.

Finally, I have been doing a whole lot of nothing on my weekends of late. Sure, I plan to continue doing solo tabletop roleplaying for my podcast, “Ronin Roleplay”, but I think I can manage to stream for an hour or two, here or there, as I feel like it.

This is the main point, of course. If (and that’s a big If) I try coming back to Twitch, there will be a lot of restrictions I place upon myself.

  1. No more than two hours a day.
  2. No stress allowed. If I start feeling stressed by the community, I have to close down the stream.
  3. Real Life Comes First! If I can’t make it on a given day, or even a weekend, that’s okay.
  4. If I start to push myself to stream more than I am allowing here, I have to quit. Period.

My health and sanity have to come before Twitch, and all of that. I consider Livestreaming to be a fun hobby, nothing more, and if it starts to drag me down like it was doing prior to my starting my current hiatus, then I have to walk away. I have plenty of hobbies, and I don’t need one that is going to tear me down like I was feeling Twitch doing before.

Anyway, so I am going to look into doing some gear checks, and a bit of testing, as I will likely be using some different software this time around. But if it all seems to work out, and I continue to feel up to it, and My Lovely Bride™ allows it (this is the biggest hurdle, actually), then I might just start showing my face around Twitch again, sometime in the next month or so.

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