One Must Suffer For Faire

Last day. The very last day of the Oregon Renaissance Faire, for 2019. I’m melting.

We, being Tenknife and I, have thus far attended all three of the previous days of this event, during its 4th Annual run. We went both days of its first weekend, and yesterday (Saturday, as of this writing), as well. The tickets to today’s fourth and final show this year are firmly ensconced in my wallet, ready to hand over in just a couple of hours’ time.

I just tripped over a footstool. I do believe I pulled a groin muscle in attempting to not fall head first into our television. Good thing I always walk with a staff or cane while at Faire.

Although we have yet to see what will come with today’s event, I can tell you now that the Oregon Renaissance Faire continues to be one of the best RenFaires we have ever attended! Highly entertaining shows, wonderful and diverse vendors, and lovely snacks to partake in. My sweetie and I have taken it all in, as best we could, and have yet to come away with a single bad experience. Not even a mediocre one.

The linen shirt I switched into, from the wool one that was melting me, just ripped at the seam.

During the first weekend, Tenknife (My Lovely Bride™) and I went in standard “Rennie” garb, and thus decided to ‘switch things up’ on this last weekend. Yesterday we went as a Pirate and Wench (and I do pull off a Wench very well, thank you!), and today, we’re breaking out the Steampunk garb. Which is to say, more gears and goggles, less fur or nautical bits. Basically, we just wear our regular garb, and change out finer details. It works, especially at this event, where you’ll see all manner of Renfolk. Fairies, Pirates, Knights, Steampunk, and more all can be seen at Oregon Renaissance Faire, which is a great part of its charm. I’d say it’s more of a Fantasy Faire than a ‘standard’ Renaissance Faire, and to be honest, I love it that way!

No, I’ve definitely pulled a groin muscle. Better than getting a concussion while destroying the TV, though.

Anyway, while the Oregon Renaissance Faire has run its course for 2019, you can still enjoy two more events this year, from the folks who run ORF. First we have the brand new, 1st annual Northwest Pirate Festival, July 13-14, 2019, in Lacey, Washington. Of course, there is also their flagship event, the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire, which runs the first three weekends in August 2019, in Bonney Lake, Washington. We know from experience that WMRF is a fantastic show, which we only attend every few years not because of its quality, but because it is a rather long drive for Ten and I. And when it comes to the NW Pirate Festival, knowing how well these folks run ORF and WMRF, I have no doubt that this new Pirate event will be just as entertaining!

Now to eat some cold pizza, before limping my sad-sack self to the Party Wagon (our 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan), and heading off to enjoy the final day at ORF!


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