The Hard Ride

Keep in mind, this is all subject to change, depending upon the Pandemic and other factors. That said…

My Lovely Bride™ and I might just make it to a Renaissance Faire this year!

Sure, a lot of things have to fall into place to make it happen. For example, my heart surgery has to have been postponed pretty much until 2021. Also, our camping trip around Independence Day has to have been cancelled, giving me back 32 hours of PTO. Furthermore, the current Pandemic crisis has to have calmed down, to the point that this event doesn’t get cancelled, like all of the others this year.

But, should all that happen, and I can talk My Lovely Bride™ into the trip, we may very well make it to a Faire this year!

Anyway, what Faire do I have in mind? Well, that would be Feather Falls Renaissance Faire, in Oroville, California. Why this particular event, though? That’s simple, friend:

It’s pretty much the last man standing in 2020. Which is to say, almost all of the other Faires have postponed until 2021. Also, many of our friends on the circuit plan to be there, being perhaps their last chance to make some money vending at a Faire this year.

Regardless, there are some downsides to attending this event. First of all, it is an eight hour drive, from our house to the event, and that’s with zero stops. Knowing us, it would be a good 12 hour drive, each way, because we’re old and have to pee a lot. Next, we would need to take at least two extra days off to make this happen, one to travel down, and one to travel back, plus a day or two for the event itself. Likely I’d take three days off, so I’d have a day to recover, before heading back to work, too. And to top it all off, there’s the biggest problem of all:

Convincing Ten to do this in the first place.

She’s not a huge fan of travelling in the first place, especially to a RenFaire. The longest we’ve ever gone was a five hour commute to Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire a couple of years ago, but I enticed her to do this with a nice hotel suite we stayed in, as a 25th Anniversary trip. This would be a much bigger ask on my part, as you might expect.

But, I have an idea for how we might get My Lovely Bride™ on-board. First of all, many friends we haven’t seen since July 2019 will be there, which is nice. Secondly, one word: Casino. Third, I’m looking into booking us nice lodgings, if this actually works out.

Did I mention our friends would be there? That this would be the only Faire we could attend in 2020? A Casino is involved? A road trip without the dogs? Hell, we might just lease a nice car to make the trip in, too (Comfy SUV FTW)?

Anyway, this wouldn’t be until early October (early birthday gift for both of us?), so I’m only in the initial planning stages of this trip, at this point. Obviously, a lot of things have to fall into place, for this to happen, but I see it this way: It is a consolation prize for everything that has happened since September 2019, which has been an utter sh*t-show.

But, if everything that was supposed to be Good about this year falls through (camping, heart surgery, etc), at least maybe I could have this to look forward to. That’s something worthwhile.

UPDATE: Since I wrote this piece, I talked with Ten about the idea, and (surprisingly) she’s 100% on board! Long road trip, over potentially snow-covered mountain passes? No problem, we’ll be in an SUV. Spending a night or two in California? No problem, we’ll be getting a hotel room. Basically any potential problem I thought she might have balked at, we have a solution for, and she’s okay with it. Of course, like I said, a lot of things have to fall into place for this to happen, but if it does, we may well be attending this Faire!

UPDATE, Part II: So, yeah… This isn’t going to happen now. See my next post, on Thursday, for details. Alas…

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