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I just got some housekeeping done on the backend of this site, and it looks like – if I can maintain my standard, seven stream sessions this weekend on Twitch – I’ll be basically ‘caught up’ as of this weekend. I’m looking to post everything I create on a given weekend the following week on this site, and thus far I’ve had too much content to do this, pushing content into the following week.

Well, if all goes according to plan, I’ll actually be “on schedule” after this weekend. The remainder of what I made last weekend will be going up first next week, and what I create this coming weekend will finish out the week on replays. Then, starting the following weekend, all of that content will replay on this site the following week.

Why is this important? Well, it really isn’t, to be honest. But I want to maintain some consistency in my replays here, thus why I want to start up a “Stream it one week, Replay it the next” pattern from here on out. It just makes things easier for all concerned, if for no one else than someone who might watch the replays here, then jump over to the Live shows the following weekend, and they are all caught up.

So, anything else going on around here? I’ve signed up with StreamElements, to enhance my livestreaming capabilities. Yes, I’m already using StreamLabs for most of my scripts and whatnot, but I’m looking for some additional capabilities, and StreamElements should cover those bases. We’ll see, though… I haven’t had any time to play around with them quite yet. But their Themes seem pretty sweet.

In a quick update: For those of you who heard on Twitter the other day, Mrs. Scormey (Tenknife) has been ill of late, so much so that we considered going to the hospital the other day. But she is feeling somewhat better now, it appears to have just been a nasty bug of some sort, and she should be fine by the weekend.

Also in Tenknife news, we are inching closer and closer to getting her started on Twitch. She has stated she wouldn’t mind doing it, but absolutely refuses to be on camera (which I already knew, and wouldn’t have asked of her, anyway). We have her a different headset now, one that should actually work for Discord, and then she will be able to drop into my livestreams from time to time and talk with everyone. I expect she will mostly read the chat and respond, at least at first, while talking to me as well.

My problem is that I hear her in the room, as well as from the Discord server about a second later, and it is very distracting! So Ten might sit in another room, or we might just sit nearer to each other, and share my microphone (which will be tricky to do, so as to make sure she doesn’t get picked up by the camera). But these are minor issues, which we can work through in time, I am sure.

Now I just need to get her interested in playing some game – any game, actually – on her computer. From there, it is a simple step to getting Chatty, Discord, and OBS installed on her computer, as well, and she’ll be good to go, when it comes to streaming. And of those, Chatty and Discord are completely optional, so even better!

Speaking of folks who might join us in the livestreams, my brother (call him Beoulus) is also a prospective guest, especially if I ever play “Guild Wars 2”, which is his Jam. Beoulus is the co-host of my podcast, “Pixels & Dice” (which you’d know, if you’ve checked out the podcast), and already set up on Discord, so it would be a minor thing to get him talking on the Livestream. I’ve even considered livestreaming our podcast recording sessions, so people could ask us questions or make comments live in Chat. We’ve tried that on our Discord server in the past, with only limited results, so maybe it would work better on Twitch? I’ll discuss it with Beoulus, and go from there…

And since we’re discussing the podcast, y’all who are current subscribers should pay close attention to the Intro and Outro of the show, starting with today’s episode. I’ve made a rather major update to them, which you might enjoy. I was going to wait until Episode 100 to switch things up, but moving the podcast to from necessitated an earlier update. Also, please take a moment to post a review of the podcast on whatever service you are getting it from (iTunes, Google, Stitcher, etc), but especially from iTunes. You would not believe how helpful just a few 5-star reviews can be on iTunes in regards to getting our show seen on that service, and thus far we have exactly zero reviews at all.

Okay, enough begging!

There really isn’t much else to say, thus why I haven’t been blogging much of late. But when I feel the need to write more, or something significant happens around here, you’ll be the first to read about it.

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