Well, that didn’t last long

So I was planning to try a new Livestreaming schedule this week, which would include doing streams of “Lord of the Rings Online” after work during the week, usually for an hour or so, starting around 8am Pacific time. I managed to do that exactly once, and tossed the whole idea aside.

Why? Because I have a really messed up week as it is, and adding in even a little stress, such as trying to get my computer all set up and ready to stream mere minutes after getting home from work, just wouldn’t fly. You see, I work 50 miles from home, so a regular 8 hour day is more like 11 hours, once you toss in my commute time. So I threw my whole schedule off, couldn’t relax, got violently ill hours after that one stream on Tuesday morning, and that’s it. I’m done with morning streams Tuesday-Friday, they just won’t work for me.

That said, it will be fine. I would have preferred to stream every day, but if I can only pull it off on weekends, then that’s fine, too. I’m thinking I will play LOTRO five times a week (with the Hobbit Minstrel I’m currently leveling up), of the 4-6 streaming sessions I will do through a normal weekend.Otherwise, I’ll play other games like “World of Warcraft”, or play LOTRO, but with a different character (such as my Elven Runekeeper, Hobbit Warden, or a Man Captain). Or maybe some more “Rebel Galaxy”? Regardless, the majority of my streaming will be LOTRO-based, whatever I end up doing.

And that’s all there really is to say, at this point. I’m still getting my footing over on Twitch, and I’m sure I’ll be able to work out a schedule soon enough. But I don’t want to lock myself into something, such as regular weekday morning streams, when I can’t be sure I can live up to it. So basically I know I’ll be streaming on most weekend nights and early mornings, at the very least. 9pm-Midnight on Saturdays and Sundays, and 1am-4am Sundays and Mondays As well as other sessions, as I feel like it, likely mostly on the weekends… Like 5-8am or 6-9am on Sundays and perhaps the occasional Monday?

Wait… How am I supposed to produce five LOTRO streams each weekend, if I only am able to do the four basic streaming sessions I am committing to (9pm-Midnight and 1-4am)? Simple: I do like I did last weekend, and break each of those sessions in half. It isn’t a perfect solution, but let’s face it… I’m old, and need to take frequent Bio-Breaks…

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