So my laptop saga continues!

I’m starting to question whether or not I should buy customized laptops anymore…

I’ve written here previously about my woes regarding my EVO15-S gaming laptop from Origin PC. When it works, it works really well, but I keep having issues crop up that are starting to get me a bit worried. I have resolved or been able to avoid the majority of difficulties, but this most recent one is something I simply can’t ignore: There are keys that have decided to stop working, most of the time. Sometimes they work on the first try, but more likely they only work on the twelfth try or so.

What’s worse is that it started off with just the R key working intermittently… Then the Y key… Then the 0 key joined the party… And finally (so far) the K key chose to get crunk with the others! Regardless, there is clearly a problem that needs to be addressed. Just trying to type a simple chat with a tech from Origin was Hell to get through, due to to just these four keys not working all of the time.

Don’t believe me? Well, let’s look at the last statement in the previous paragraph, without those four keys:

“Just ting to tpe a simple chat with a tech from Oigin was Hell to get through, due to to just these fou es not woing all of the time.”

If you were to read that, you could probably suss out the meaning without too much trouble, if you already knew the context. If you didn’t, then it might be a bit more difficult. And keep this in mind… This problem was spreading over time. What started out as one key (R) being difficult about a week ago, ended up as four keys by last Monday, when I gave up and contacted Origin.

Anyway, so I have a dialogue going with Tech Support, and they are sending me a replacement keyboard, which I can apparently replace myself (never done that, but I am told it is simple enough). But until then, I have to break out the old laptop for a week or so, until the new one is back up and working fine again!

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