Here we go again!

Hey, so that laptop I bought from Origin PC a few months back, that I had multiple issues with it getting delayed in shipment, then it still arrived with technical problems (supposedly it was delayed by technical issues, and then again by being extensively tested before shipping)… Do you remember me complaining about that? The same laptop that when I reported the problems, they were going to send me a replacement keyboard, so I could tear the laptop apart and fix it myself (seriously!), but then failed to send said keyboard due to yet more delays? And when I finally said “Enough!”, demanded that they take the laptop back and give me a refund, they took forever to issue an RMA, and when they did, it conveniently wasn’t complete, and I had to have them issue yet another RMA that actually included a packing label?
Yeah, that laptop. The EVO15-S, specifically.
So, hey, we sent that laptop back a while ago, and they received it less than a week later. As of last week, when they had had the laptop in their possession for 17 business days, I followed up on my customer service ticket, to ask how much longer this was going to take to get my refund.
It was ignored.
So I called just a few minutes ago, 23 business days after they received the laptop, and all they could say was “Oops, must have fell through the cracks! My Manager is issuing a refund right now, and it should be processed within three days. Sorry!”
Effectively… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
So I asked, just how does something like this happen, over and over and over again? The poor call center dude couldn’t answer that, and I feel for him, having to work for a piece of shit outfit like Origin PC. He must take constant abuse, all day, every day.
Anyway, I had better see that money credited back to our credit card by Thursday, or I’m going to be calling Origin yet again. I think it goes without saying that I just can’t recommend Origin PC, if you are considering a laptop purchase. They might make decent machines on the whole, but when they don’t – like the one they sent me – Origin is the worst when it comes to delivery, processing repairs, overall customer service, processing RMAs, and issuing refunds when requested.
Note: I have reinstated all of my previous articles about my ordeal regarding Origin PC, because, quite frankly, they don’t deserve my retraction of them (which I initially did as a sign of good faith, after they agreed to accept the laptop and give me my money back). People need to know just what they can expect when they do business with Origin PC, because if any company should be avoided at all costs, it is them!
Update: As of 5-22-2018, my refund from Origin PC has been processed, according to my bank.
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