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As you may have noticed, I have transitioned our old, actual-play podcast (“Knights of the Tabletop”) into a solo actual-play podcast (“Ronin Roleplaying”). Furthermore, I have also pre-recorded a bunch of shows for RR, so that show isn’t going anywhere.

That said, I am thinking about forming a group to play tabletop RPGs online.

This group will be playing over Discord, and the game(s) we will play are up for discussion of the group. While I don’t plan to record these games for a future actual-play podcast, that could become a possibility, should we gel well, and the others are amenable to that idea, in time.

Here’s the thing: I have conditions for potential membership in this gaming group.

  1. You will need to have proper equipment (decent microphone, computer, and stable high-speed internet). While we may not be recording a podcast with this group at this time, we do need to be able to hear each other reliably. Using Discord on your phone, a cheap microphone, or over a bad internet connection just makes things hard for everyone.
  2. Maturity and Respect for your fellows in the group. While roleplaying may enter into difficult topics from time to time (thus the need for a mature group), I will not tolerate people who cannot respect other people’s boundaries. This group will have the X Card in-play, despite what many think about that. If that won’t work for you, then this group isn’t for you.
  3. Experience, but no Elitism. I am looking for group members that know their way around tabletop roleplaying games, but not people who are stuck up about it. I don’t want us to be teaching people how to play RPGs, but I also don’t need people having an attitude, or acting like they are better than others because of their experience or whatever. I know that feeds back onto point #2, but I felt it maybe needed a bit of reiteration.

So if you’re interested in taking part in an online roleplaying group, either as a player or perhaps a game-master, then leave a comment on this article or perhaps on our Discord server (see link up on the menu, above). We can arrange a time to get together on Discord to chat, and see how things go.

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