The Quarantine Sessions

How’s this for an idea:

Maybe our actual-play Roleplaying podcast, “Knights of the Tabletop”, should record our games sessions over Discord, when we start recording Season 2 in the next month or so?

Right now, we have been getting together at Beoulus’ house to record these sessions, and it has worked quite well thus far. But with COVID-19 at Pandemic levels worldwide, for the health and safety of our cast, I’m thinking we may need to do something different, at least in the short term.

That would be moving to Discord.

Currently we record “Pixels & Dice” remotely over Discord, and I see no reason why we couldn’t do the same with KOTT. Yes, it might mean we’d have to change up how things work a tad, such as how dice are rolled (doing it with a dice app, or with a script inside of Discord itself), but I think it would be just fine. We might also have to change up how the cast accesses the show, because not all of us have easy access to computers running Discord. So in the end, we might run with only a few players, but that’s exactly what we do in the April, May, and June sessions, anyway.

In short, things would be just fine. While I prefer face-to-face, in person game sessions, I can see this being an acceptable alternative, all things considered. I know that at the very least, Tenknife, Beoulus, and I can make this work (Ten and I would just record out of different rooms in the house, to avoid feedback). I would have to work with the other players, to see if we can get them set up to play this way. If they can, great. If not, maybe it won’t work, after all?

Regardless, I think this is something at least worth considering, what with the virus crisis, and my own health issues coming to a head in the next few months. But what do you think? Is this something you might be interested in, especially since we might be able to open our sessions up as Live recordings, that fans could listen in on? Please let me know in the comments, below!

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