What’s My Vice?!

I have a problem. Okay, I actually have several, but let’s say I have another one, or perhaps one that used to be a massive issue, and only recently rose again from the depths, to trouble my wallet and my sanity once more. It’s not what you think. It’s not tabletop roleplaying games, although those […]


Dice Hoarders Anonymous

Ummm, hi. I’m Scormey, and I hoard dice. Ever since I got into tabletop roleplaying, many years ago, I have been a bit of a “dice collector”. I’m sure we all know how that goes, telling ourselves that we are just interested in “collecting” set after set of those pretty little math-rocks, but in reality… […]

Pixels & Dice Podcast

Pixels & Dice #15 – Addicted to Shinies!

Do MMORPG designers deliberately make gathering professions as addictive as possible, or is that just a side benefit? Theme Music – “Pinball Spring”, by Kevin MacLeod (, licensed under the Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0” license. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Amazon Music | Android | Podchaser | Email | RSS […]