Just when everyone else leaves…

So, I have this hankerin’ (again) to play “World of Warcraft”. Why? I have no idea!… and yet, here we are, getting ready to reinstall the Bilzzard installer (I’ve had it uninstalled for a couple of years now), and break out the credit card to start my WoW account back up.

Now then, how did we get here?

More to the point, how do we keep getting back to this point?

I have played “World of Warcraft” – on and off, but more on the game than not – since 2005. I’ve done progression raiding, organized PvP, and so forth for many years… before I got sick of all that (and Blizzard’s collective shit), and walked away. Only to come back, then leave, and come back, then leave, over and over again, until we are where we are now.

The big question is, “Why do I keep coming back?”

If I had to guess, it is what I would call “Addictive Nostalgia”, which would be the reason I keep returning to a whole bevy of MMORPGs, actually. They were fun for me once upon a time, and I keep feeling a need to return to them, over and over again, despite my better judgment.

Now don’t get me wrong. WoW isn’t a horrible game, not by any means. I have absolutely played worse games, in fact. That said, the problem has always been with Blizzard, and their poor handling of the game, and its community.

Okay, so with that in mind and considering everything currently going on with ActivisionBlizzard and “World of Warcraft”, WHY IN GOD’S NAME WOULD I WANT TO RETURN TO WOW, OR ANY OTHER BLIZZARD GAME?!?

Well, I wish I knew the answer to that question. I really do.

Now then, thus far I have managed to stay my hand, and have not reinstalled WoW on my computer. But I literally consider doing so every single day, and I am sure that at some point, I will pull the trigger on it. Even if I only end up playing “Classic”, because that at least seems like more fun than Modern WoW. Of course, it also means putting money into Blizzard’s pockets, which I absolutely cannot abide… and yet, I know damn well I’m going to end up doing exactly that, sooner rather than later.

To be honest, if I had to break it down to core drivers for my nostalgia, I would say it is two things that keeps bringing me back: Worgen and Death Knights. I had always wanted to play as a Worgen, from the very first time I fought against them in Silverpine Forest. As for DKs, I’ve been a big fan of that class – despite my playing Healers as a general rule – since Wrath came out.

I haven’t played WoW since just before BfA launched, but I understand Worgen can now be Death Knights. This seems an almost irresistible option, something I absolutely must try, if only for a short time!

But no… I must be strong!

What can I do instead? Maybe play some other game, such as “Rift”, “Neverwinter”, “Secret World Legends”, or “Guild Wars 2”, if only to draw away my attention from Blizzard’s bastard spawn? Perhaps. Or, maybe I should just give in, throw $15 at them, and get my WoW fix over and done with?

Better to blow only $15, than drop a full 6-month sub in a frenzy of nostalgia, later on. Yes, I have done exactly that before.

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