What’s My Vice?!

I have a problem. Okay, I actually have several, but let’s say I have another one, or perhaps one that used to be a massive issue, and only recently rose again from the depths, to trouble my wallet and my sanity once more.

It’s not what you think.

It’s not tabletop roleplaying games, although those do remain one of my little addictions, it’s true.

No, this is a related problem, though: Dice. I really like dice. I have been collecting dice as long as I’ve been collecting TTRPGs, which would be roughly 43 years or so, if memory serves. My dice collection isn’t really comparable to my TTRPG collection, because I have more dice than I do roleplaying games, by far. It isn’t even close, actually.

I have a couple hundred TTRPGs. I have thousands of dice, so many that I can’t keep track of them all!

When My Lovely Bride™ and I went through our office recently, cleaning up to make room for two new bookcases (no, they aren’t installed yet!), every third box we went through had dice by the bagful! Some were hers (Ten has a rather impressive collection herself), but most were mine. They now sit in a pile in the office, bags stacked together like cartoon loot, waiting to be gone through, organized, so we can decide what to do with them all.

… especially when I have five more sets coming soon.

Yes, I bought three more sets of “Zocci” dice (the sets of 14 dice that work with “Dungeon Crawl Classics”), direct from the Goodman Games store. I already had one set of their dice, but wanted to expand my collection. Then I bought two more sets via Amazon, after a fashion. I picked up two sets of “Special 7” dice, which include only the odd types of dice found in Zocci sets (d3, d5, d7, d14, d16, d24, and d30), as well as a couple of sets of regular polyhedral. The colors don’t perfectly match on one set (one purple set is more blueish than the other), but the black and white sets should be perfect together!

… I figure guests can use the ‘off’ dice sets, if we ever play any “Dungeon Crawl Classics”. The nice ones are for Ten and I, obviously!

Anyway, I think it is pretty clear that I have a real problem when it comes to dice. I plan to spend part of the weekend clearing out one of my nicer dice bags, to make room for my odd sets: The Zocci dice, the Fate dice, as well as certain other interesting and unique sets I’ve collected along the way.

Did I say I have a lot of dice? I did? Okay, good.

Because I do. It’s a problem.

Speaking of which, I’d better run back over to Amazon to look for another dice bag…

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