16-bit Blues

I miss old-school video games.

Yes, I know I don’t spend a huge amount of time playing video games at all anymore, but when I do, I want to spend it playing old-school Japanese Role Playing Games (JRPGs). Old titles from the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) are fine, albeit only 8-bit in nature, but I really prefer 16-bit games from the Super Nintendo (SNES) or Sega Genesis.

“Final Fantasy”, “Dragon Warrior/Quest”, and other such titles have a chokehold on my soul… and I kinda like it.

That wasn’t a mental image you needed, I’m sure.

Live with it.

Anyway, if there were a worthwhile MMORPG out there that used turn-based combat and 16-bit graphics, in a JRPG style of game, I would be playing it right now. But there isn’t any such game, so I’m stuck playing old games I beat decades ago, or trying to find modern games that really capture the magic of those older titles… Not an easy feat, let me tell you!

Sure, you have your “Octopath Traveller”, but most other such games either suck, or just can’t resist incorporating mechanics from newer games to their titles. This makes them not really what I am looking for, which sucks.

When most people think of old-school JRPGs now, I find they are more interested in games like “Final Fantasy 7” and other such CD-based titles, rather than the 8 and 16-bit games that came before it. I’d rather be playing “Chrono Trigger” than FF7 any day, even if the latter game is the “better game” overall, according to the masses.

We deserve 16-bit JRPGs to be a continuing style of modern video games. Yes, I know that everyone seems to be entranced with cutting edge graphics and innovative new mechanics, but sometimes, simpler is better.

I prefer simpler, in this case.

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