A nice, crispy salad

So I’m here at work, eating my lunch (a chicken strip salad, if you must know), and contemplating my future with gaming. Not that you really needed to know that, but I thought I would share.

Anyway, regarding that salad…

  • 1 Half bag of chopped lettuce
  • 1 medium Tomato, diced
  • 1 Chicken strip, cooked

Cook said chicken strip thoroughly (air-fried, if possible), then refrigerate until cool. Chop chicken strip into small slices, and set aside. Mix the lettuce and tomato together in a bowl, then scatter the chopped chicken strip on top. Serve cold.

Yes, I am a heathen who doesn’t eat my salads with dressing or sundry bits, because… eww.

Now that we have that out of the way, what’s all this about my future in gaming? Well, it isn’t looking great, kids. Especially when it comes to MMORPGs.

I still enjoy playing video games, both on the Switch and my PC. But try as I might, I just can’t drag myself back to playing any MMORPGs. In the last few weeks, I have logged into “Secret World Legends”, “Guild Wars 2”, “Rift”, and a few other assorted MMOs, but that’s as far as I have gotten.

I simply can’t bring myself to actually play them.

Then there is the Switch. I continue to play “Animal Crossing” on a daily basis (mostly… My Lovely Bride™ takes care of things for me sometimes), but my most recent game-of-choice has been “Banners of Ruin“. This is a rogue-lite fantasy adventure game with deck-building elements, that is way more fun than it deserves to be. Will that remain my poison, in regards to gaming? For a while, I suppose.

It’s better than playing most MMORPGs, though.

That all said, I did preorder “New World”, and I plan to play that extensively, once it finally launches. I’d say “in a few weeks”, but I’ll believe that when I finally get to download the live client and log into the game. But this does raise an interesting question:

If I’m not having fun with MMORPG’s, then why did I drop good money on a new one?

Simple. I think I needed something fresh. This is why I just can’t bring myself to play the same old MMOs I have played for decades, but am perfectly willing to grind on “Banners of Ruin” over, and over, and over again. Simply put, like “Hades” before it, BoR is something new. It may not be anything really innovative, but it is a fun challenge, and not anything like the same old MMO grind I’ve been doing since 2004.

It would help if the developers of those games I used to play so regularly would actually produce new content (SWL, LOTRO, Rift… I’m looking at you), but I think that might be asking just a bit too much of them now. Why should I put more time, let alone money, into these old, broken down MMORPGs, when I can play new, light video games until “New World” finally drops?

So, instead I will sit here, finish off my nice salad, and consider whether or not I should just start purging those old MMOs off of my PC. It’s not like they deserve the hard drive space, after all.

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