So much for 2020!

Okay, after 15 years of struggle and trauma, we have finally reached the end of 2020! It seems like only 50 years ago that we were bright-eyed Innocents, staring down the threat of World War III, back in January. February wasn’t much better, with the beginning of the COVID-19 panic taking hold, as well as the insipid belief that it is all ‘just a Democrat Hoax’, or ‘no worse than the flu!’. March gave us a near-complete economic shutdown, stay-at-home orders, and “Animal Crossing: New Horizons”.

April, that brought with it the blessed Spring air, also brought us protests from idiots not willing to stay at home any longer, and toilet paper shortages due to hoarding. May was a great month, actually… Pretty much just a complete continuation of April, plus a bunch of huge Memorial Day gatherings being held by thousands of complete goobers. Then there was June, where we saw the Spring transition into Summer with a massive spike in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, due in no small part to those Memorial Day gatherings at the end of May.

July. What can I say about July, other than it was filled with hope that perhaps we would be able to return to normal with the warmer Summer months, only to have that dashed by selfish idiots that refused to wear masks or follow proper social distancing? I’m sure the movie theater industry absolutely loves those folks for basically ruining their business for the year. But then there was August, where that very same theater industry made a valiant effort to re-open their doors, with the release of “Tenet”… only to see the experiment fail, as people were afraid to come back to indoor theaters, in a raging pandemic. Gee, I wonder why? But drive-in theaters were doing great. Finally, September saw cases begin to rise yet again, with the approach of Autumn, as well as a marked increase in idiocy and lies from the Republicans and our current President, leading into the quickly approaching election.

October should have been a great month. Should have been, but wasn’t. Halloween was on a Saturday this year, which was also during a Full Moon, and had great weather for this time of year. But due to the pandemic continuing to rage on, most people stayed home (hey, maybe they’re learning?). We didn’t even bother to decorate at my house. Of course, November was the big national Election here in the US. Joe Biden won the Presidential election, but of course Trump called it all into question, insisting there was widespread voter fraud (with no evidence of that). This drug on through the entirety of the month, and even into December… which is where we are now. Daily new cases of COVID-19, as well as deaths from the virus, are at all-time highs. Many people defied stay-at-home orders and travel restrictions during Thanksgiving, which led to massive spikes in infections in December. Hospitals are filling up, leading to people who really should be hospitalized being told instead to stay home, because there simply isn’t room for them. Needed surgeries being postponed or cancelled for the same reason. Basically, it’s a mess, and I am very glad I was able to get my heart surgery done back in June, when the hospitals weren’t buried in COVID cases quite yet.

I’m writing this on December 5th, so that I can sit back and relax for the rest of the Holiday season. If yet more nastiness occurs this month, I’ll update the post to commemorate it, because that’s the whole point here: To look back at what we’ve all been through this year, and celebrate making it out alive. Hopefully, we all do.

Here’s to a happy, healthy, and sane 2021.

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