Changes to come?

So I’m thinking that we probably need to make some changes with the “Loot Mechanics” podcast.

As things are now, we are taking on two primary topics each week, bookcased by short segments talking about our recent personal experiences, and finishing with final thoughts for the week. We always cover some video game related new, and another segment talking about some tabletop (including RPGs, board games, and card games) gaming issue. This is all a big change from our former format, when we still called the show “Pixels & Dice”. Under that version of the podcast, we just jumped into the show and recorded in one long take, with the talk flowing from one topic to the next, as we felt like it. The show was organic, but less polished than “Loot Mechanics” is.

Well, I think we need to change this up some. Again.

First of all, I am primarily in charge of programming the topics for our shows, and this has frankly become more and more difficult over time. News that is worth talking about on the show has just become more scarce than ever before, so coming up with at least four topics every time we record (we do two shows at a time, recording every other Sunday) has become really difficult.

So, here’s what I have in mind:

First of all, I want to drop the requirement to talk about something Video gaming related, and something Tabletop gaming related, in every show. Instead, I’m thinking about going with a similar, but distinctly different, model in the future. Primarily, I want to have just one, “Main” topic each week, followed by a segment that is…

  • Short
  • To the point
  • Listener/Follower driven

For example, I was thinking we might offer up a polls every now and then, or maybe just ask for side topic suggestions to complement our Main topic. This would likely be on Twitter, because that is the social media platform where we get the most interaction, but I’m also considering Reddit as an option, as well. Perhaps we change it up, bouncing from one platform to the next, every other month?

In the end, the idea is to help boost ideas you want to hear us discuss, and perhaps help find some topics my podcast partner (and older brother) Beoulus might actually be excited to talk about. With recent shows, you might have seen that his interactions have waned some? Yeah, well he’s working too much to do any research for topics he can contribute, and the topics I come up with aren’t always his cup of tea, so he just doesn’t have much to say.

Anyway, I’m asking all of you to help us make this a show you want to listen to, rather than just “Scormey’s Platform For Ranting About Gaming”, which it has morphed into. I have a perfectly good blog to do that in! So if you have any thoughts on these proposed changes, let me know in the comments below. Otherwise, expect to see me post more gaming polls and questions on social media in the coming weeks, and these changes to show up starting with the October shows!

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