Puttering about the Cosmos

I’ve owned “Elite: Dangerous” for quite some time on Steam, but never played it (until recently). Why? Because I mistook it for another game.

You see, I own a few sci-fi games on Steam, including “Everspace”. I tried “Everspace”, got blown up during the training mission, and decided not to play it anymore. Then promptly forgot about that, and bought it for my Switch later on.

Yay me.

Anyway, when I was talking with my brother Beoulus about sci-fi games, we came upon the topic of “Elite: Dangerous”, as I had heard it was basically “Star Citizen”, only actually finished. That’s why I had bought it, during one of Steam’s many sales.

Well, Beoulus had some issues with the game, telling me it was extremely frustrating, as he had many issues trying to land manually in stations. This made me immediately think of my own issues with “Everspace”, and I promptly set ED aside as one of those games I just wouldn’t play.

Eventually, being stuck at home and bored, I decided to give “Elite” a try. Apparently my brain was working enough to know the “Everspace” is a different game from ED that day. Anyway, I logged in, and was promptly treated to…

… A most excellent game!

Sure, Beoulus wasn’t wrong about the difficulties of trying to dock at a space station without the Auto-Dock Computer. And the game is rather unforgiving, when it comes to space combat. But then again, those are all good things, in my opinion. They bring realism to the game, and make the game all that much more fun.

Thank Gawd for Ship Insurance, though.

Anyway, I know this really isn’t a very topical subject. ED has been out for quite some time now, with a new expansion on the way, but it’s new to me, and this is my blog. So there.

What I like best about “Elite: Dangerous” is the tedium. Seriously. I have found that I play the game much like how I play “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” on the Switch: I play it to relax, in a casual manner.

When I log in, I do so Solo. I focus on essentially being a messenger and delivery-person. I take Courier and Delivery missions, and avidly avoid combat. I also take every opportunity to Explore, mapping out new systems when I first arrive in them. I am outfitting my Cobra primarily for exploration, with extended fuel tanks, a planetary exploration hangar and matching vehicle, and a fuel scoop. I also plan to install a Field Repair Unit, when I come across one.

Does this sound boring? Yep, and it can be. But it is also relaxing, while also mentally engaging. I have many other games to play, if I want to get my heart rate up. I use ED to engage my mind, look at the awesome scenery as I (virtually) fly from one destination to the next, and scan new systems for interesting information.

In the end, it is pretty much the sort of sci-fi video game I always wanted as a child, when I would dream about exploring space. It is also everything I wanted from “Star Citizen”, but as yet have never received… and likely never will.

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