Loot Mechanics Podcast

Back From The Dead

Episode #1: Players revolts in the MMORPGs “Star Citizen” and “Lord of the Rings Online” caught Scormey’s attention this week. Also, we talk “Seekers Beyond The Shroud” and the concept of Solo TTRPGs. Intro (1:00) – Beoulus and Scormey do some catching up. Main Topic (4:32) – Discussing recent player discontent regarding “Star Citizen”, “Lord […]


Puttering about the Cosmos

I’ve owned “Elite: Dangerous” for quite some time on Steam, but never played it (until recently). Why? Because I mistook it for another game. You see, I own a few sci-fi games on Steam, including “Everspace”. I tried “Everspace”, got blown up during the training mission, and decided not to play it anymore. Then promptly […]